For Organizations

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The Pappas Paradigm is to strengthen organizational capacity by integrating mission and practice into a synchronized, value driven, evidence based model for local and national replication.

SPA will provide an innovative approach toward program development and organizational growth.

SPA will provide executive level expertise and consultation for the operation of an array of high quality services.

SPA will assist organizational leadership to maximize the unique talent of staff.

SPA will assist organizations to develop effective government and community relations capacity.

SPA will assist organizations to develop crisis response plans and will provide crisis management support.

SPA will work to enhance organizations’ administrative effectiveness and efficiency through structure and process improvements.

Often times organizations know what must be done but their talented yet stretch staff do not have the time.  SPA is a C-Suite level extender to assist with the:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Vision development
  • Program expansion
  • Event planning
  • Project management
  • Training
  • Supervision
  • Mentoring
  • Development of policies
  • Development of procedures
  • Development of administrative manuals
  • Development of program manuals
  • Staffing needs, executive, clinical, and direct care

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